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€ 81.000,- IVA inclusa
Anno di costruzione: 1978,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 11,50 m
Posto barca: DE Contact De Valk Sint Annaland
120 Hurricane YachtVermittlung
€ 1.500.000,- IVA esclusiva
120 Hurricane YachtVermittlung
Anno di costruzione: 1994,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 38,50 m
Posto barca: ES Mittelmeer
38f Chase Tender
€ 150.000,-
38f Chase Tender
Anno di costruzione: 2012,
Cantiere navale: Novurania
Lunghezza: 11,61 m
Posto barca: Italien
28 Open
€ 271.320,- IVA inclusa
28 Open
Anno di costruzione: 2013,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 8,55 m
Posto barca: DE Hamburg, Germany
Reinke 16M Alu SMY 57
€ 450.000,- Tassazione UE, VAT paid , IVA esclusiva
Reinke 16M Alu SMY 57
Anno di costruzione: 2016,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 17,00 m
Posto barca: Deutschland Bremen
Steeler Yachts Generation 50
€ 495.000,- Tassazione UE
Steeler Yachts Generation 50
Anno di costruzione: 2011,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 14,99 m
Posto barca: Daenemark Informationen BCM-Yachtsales
16 Fods fiskejolle m/55HK og Trailer
€ 3.601,- Tassazione UE
16 Fods fiskejolle m/55HK og Trailer
Anno di costruzione: 1998,
Cantiere navale: Miscellaneous
Lunghezza: 1,48 m
Posto barca: Denmark


USD 660,-

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N. ID ls85
Rubrica Modellini di navi
Misurazioni 61 cm
Anno 1803
Scala 1 : 17
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  • Descrizione This model is an exact replicas of Lancia Armata used by the navy in the 19th Century. This craft was armed with several blunderbuss and on the bows there were two heavy guns and on the stern there were two light guns.

    This ship was used as coast guard. The ship could participate in surprise attacks against ships in harbour. The cannons on the bows were fixed on a wooden structure and could easily slide forward and backward on the guide. One person controlled the height of the guns and the steerman did control the ship. In surprise actions the sails and the mast were put down and the ship was pulled down in oars in complete silence so that the enemy could not hear anything.

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    venditore Yacht-Olsson
    Contatto Herr Ralph Olsson
    Telefono +49.(0)40 5500774-8
    Fax +49.(0)40 5500774-9
    Mobile +49.(0)172 / 4538745

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